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An Internationally Trusted B2B & B2C Lead Generation Company

We offer full-funnel lead generation and appointment setting services and can help grow your business with

• Marketing Qualified Leads
• Sales Qualified Leads
• BANT Qualified Leads

More Leads
More Conversions
One Solution

80 Million verified database
800 successful campaigns
149k Leads generated
98% client satisfaction

Our Key DifferentiatorsWhy Choose Vertedge

Insight-Driven Innovation
We continuously work towards providing a better outcome for our clients, by bridging the gap between their target audience and conversions with the help of technology and intelligence.
Rapid Response
Be it an update, a file, or even to discuss about the smallest of changes, regarding your business, we are just a call or message away. That is because your every question matters. We believe, that is precisely what shapes the outcome of every campaign.
Scalable Support
Our CRM helps you navigate through the leads generated and measure outcomes at every stage and if you still have questions, you could reach out to our account managers who are available 24*7 to assist you.
Increased Demand For Your Business
We help you decide on the best approach to fulfill all of your performance marketing needs by shouldering key responsibilities across functions like Business Operations, Client Engagement, Critical Account Management, and Quality Assurance increasing the ROI.

Get Hot Validated Leads!

We work very closely with you to identify the right leads, create an ideal buyer profile and nurture them into buying decisions.

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What we doOur Expertise

In today’s competitive market, it is very important to build a strong lead generation strategy. At Vertedge, we offer a mix of lead generation services that can bring you closer to new business opportunities.

We work very closely with you to identify the right leads, create an ideal buyer profile and nurture them into buying decisions.

Want Big Results from small marketing team?


Vertedge can deploy best in class lead generation professionals to identify market segment, engage leads and qualify them while reducing CPA by 40%.

What Our Clients Say

"Team that knows how to get things done!"

Their expertise lies in their ability to understand business requirements and provide you with a solution that will work best for your company's growth. I like working with Vertedge because they have a great team that knows how to get things done!
Marketing Head
SAAS Company

“An awesome company to work with”

Vertedge is an awesome company to work with. They are very fast and efficient at providing their services. I like the fact that they provide different packages for different leads, so you can choose the one which best suits your needs. This way, you will get a better lead quality than those who don't have these options available to them.
Marketing Director
Media & Publishing House

“Vertedge brings in the best talent”

Lead generation is an important part of every sales team. Vertedge brings in the best talent to fulfil your lead generation needs. They are always responsive and deliver what they promise.
Senior VP
Software Company

“Comfortable working with them”

The team incorporates a sense of understanding and knowledge after learning about the products that we wanted to put out in the market. This made us feel more comfortable working with them.
Director Marketing
Software & ITES Company

“Helped us gain much more ROI”

Our team has worked very closely with their account manager, who in return helped us gain much more ROI than we expected. The exchange of knowledge and insights at every stage made complications dissolve.
VP, Marketing
Media & Publishing House

“I am grateful”

Working with the company was like crossing the Rubicon, it was the last deal that we could close on after a series of mishaps with other vendors. I am grateful that it really worked out in a positive way.
Marketing Manager
Logistics Company

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      Worldwide B2B & B2C Buyer Audience

      7,97,37,214... and counting

      Vertedge’s worldwide database of 80 million contacts is GDPR, CASL, and CCPA compliant. Match our data to your target account list, identify ABM list buying groups, or penetrate new markets based on ideal customer profile and persona filters.


      READ OUR BLOGNews and Updates

      READ OUR BLOGNews and Updates

      Technology and Consumer Behavior’s Impact on Intent Marketing
      by Vertedge
      Technology and Consumer Behavior’s Impact on Intent Marketing
      The future of intent marketing is likely to be shaped by advances in technology and changes in consumer behavior. Here are some potential ways that intent marketing may evolve in the coming years: Increased use of artificial intelligence and machine learning: These technologies can help marketers better understand and predict consumer intent, enabling more targeted...

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