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Nearly 90% of B2B buyers research options using whitepapers, webinars, or case studies before contacting a vendor. One may intelligently distribute their content over the largest B2B network by using content syndication.

Vertedge Content Syndication Services will help you generate more leads.

Our Content Syndication Services

Industry surveys show that before speaking with a vendor, the majority of B2B technology customers consider whitepapers or case studies. If your company has high-quality resources (such as whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, analyst reports, and more), you ought to use them to connect with your target market.

After going live, you’ll begin receiving frequent lead information about all the customers that downloaded your content, which you can subsequently include in your marketing automation campaigns and distribute to your sales staff.
With Vertedge Content Syndication, you can
Boost Reach
Get in touch with 80 million B2B contacts.
Target specific audience
Targeting for different types of leads using machine learning, from MQL to SQL
Enjoy Greater ROI
Custom targeting to boost conversion and increase client ROI while lowering costs
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At Vertedge, our content syndication services are focused on one thing: providing high-quality leads for your business. We understand the challenges of creating and distributing content across multiple channels, which is why we offer a streamlined solution to help you reach the right audience at the right time.

    Want Big Results from small marketing team?


    Vertedge can deploy best in class lead generation professionals to identify market segment, engage leads and qualify them while reducing CPA by 40%.

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    Worldwide B2B & B2C Buyer Audience

    7,97,37,214... and counting

    Vertedge’s worldwide database of 80 million contacts is GDPR, CASL, and CCPA compliant. Match our data to your target account list, identify ABM list buying groups, or penetrate new markets based on ideal customer profile and persona filters.

    READ OUR BLOGNews and Updates

    READ OUR BLOGNews and Updates

    Technology and Consumer Behavior’s Impact on Intent Marketing
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    Technology and Consumer Behavior’s Impact on Intent Marketing
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