Data Enhancement Services: What It Is & How It Can Benefit Your Business

November 19, 20220

As data-driven marketing continues to grow in importance, it becomes more and more important to maintain a clean data warehouse. But keeping up with data cleaning and enhancement demands can be a daunting task – which is where outsourcing comes in. By tapping into the expertise of a dedicated data cleaning specialist, you can free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

What is Data Enhancement?

Data enhancement is the practise of improving your or your client’s first-party data by including context from additional, external sources.

This is also known as data append, and it refers to the process of adding external data to your records in order to broaden them. Depending on your marketing objectives, you can append a wide range of data, including contact, demographic, firmographic, and geographic information.

The general format of the data enhancement process is as follows:

  1. Your team defines your marketing objectives, including which data assets will be most useful in achieving them.
  1. You collaborate with a data provider (for example, Vertedge) to improve your database.
  2. Your internal records are compared with external datasets side by side, matching your records with third-party data.
  3. Data from these third-party datasets is used to complement your existing records and provide a more complete picture of your audience.

When you enhance your data, you add fresh context to your datasets, allowing you to boost your marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking to expand into a new target market or learn more about your current audience, data enhancement is the answer.


Process for Data Enhancement Services

  • Inconsistent data – Date fields, for example, will be formatted consistently across all attributes and have a common data type.
  • Duplicates – Removing repeated fields, which mostly impact analysis.
  • Incomplete Data – Fields with incomplete data are likewise managed, either by eliminating them or, if such data is present, updating the field.
  • Data Updation – Correct data problems such as using the incorrect character set in the incorrect fields and applying the same standards to all fields.


Why should you invest in Data Enhancement?

Do you experience frustrations getting answers out of your data? If you quietly nodded your head or maybe even rolled your eyes at such a question, well, you’re not alone. Aside from the obvious benefits of reducing useless discussions in meetings over whether figures are “the correct ones” and reclaiming hundreds of hours of analysts’ work, a possible investment in your data should check one or more boxes:

  • Time savings – It can take a long time to collect data about your prospects organically, whether through a loyalty programme, a poll on your website, or something else. Furthermore, it provides minimal information on prospects who have not yet engaged with your brand. Data enhancement can provide you with the information practically instantly.
  • Costs savings – Because appended data is validated for both accuracy and responsiveness, you’re less likely to send emails to invalid email addresses, phone numbers, or home addresses. This saves significant marketing dollars, which can then be used for other purposes.
  • Maximized internal records – Data enrichment does not replace existing records; rather, it enriches them. If you have internal records that aren’t currently serving your plan, such as those that lack contact information, you can supplement those records and ultimately engage with those prospects.
  • Growth potential– If you want to enter a new market, data enhancement can offer you with demographic, geographic, and contact information so you can reach out to possible clients in that new segment. Rather than gradually developing contacts in that field, you can strike the ground running with insider information.
  • A better insight of your target audience. If you’re having trouble connecting with your target audience, it’s possible that you’re not aligning with what genuinely motivates them to invest. With data enhancement, you may add new data assets to your existing client base to better understand what aspects drive your team’s success.
  • Improved customer experience – Sending targeted communications to your audience will improve the consumer experience. You’ll produce marketing communications that are relevant and beneficial whether you communicate through their preferred channel or provide opportunities they’re likely to be interested in.

Data enhancement provides your team all the resources they need to discover and market to people in your target audience. However, it is not as simple as purchasing new data assets and calling it a day—without a solid approach, you will wind up with discordant records and no direction.

Learn More About Vertedge’s Data Enhancement Services

Vertedge is a data enhancement company that works with brands, agencies, and data resellers. We can give data cleansing services to prepare your database for appending, and then provide your team with access to premier consumer datasets to elevate your data assets.

  • Marketing list-building services to assist you in creating meaningful consumer audiences and effectively targeting them via email, direct mail, or digital marketing.
  • Data enhancement options such as batch and real-time appending of demographic, phone, email, firmographic, and geographic data.
  • Data cleaning services to get your database ready for enhancements.
  • On-demand data that allows direct mail providers to give mailing list data to their customers.
  • Tailored data solutions to fit your specific business requirements.

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